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Pallet deliveries and distribution by Darcica

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Ever wondered how palletised goods are delivered across the UK and beyond?

Businesses use pallets for their stock delivery, order fulfilment, distribution and more. Some even use pallets to carry several parcels on, to reduce the cost of heavy items being individually shipped. Chosen for their effective stock holding and strength, pallets can be used to store and deliver just about any product!

For more information about the benefits our pallet delivery service can have for businesses, please see our recent blog post; 5 advantages of pallet-delivery for businesses.

There are several pallet networks in the UK, where central teams and professional hauliers work together to collect goods from point a and deliver them to point b. Palletways UK is our chosen pallet network, and offers our clients the strength of over 25 years’ experience alongside the latest innovations and technology for tracking and tracing deliveries.

But how does Darcica transport these pallets from a to b?

When a pallet delivery request comes to us it usually involves collecting from our local Oxfordshire customers. We collect and deliver the pallets to the Palletways Hub in Birmingham where they’ll be distributed across the UK. Whilst there, we’ll collect other pallets waiting to be distributed back in Oxfordshire.

These pallets can contain anything from compost to coffee!

We tend to start our overnight journey to the Hub at about 7pm, once back in Bicester (normally by 6am – we do a few trips per night to the Hub) we then sort the pallets at our Bicester warehouse ready for distribution to local end destinations.

How do Palletways UK and Darcica work together?

Based in Oxfordshire we are one of the newest members of Palletways, the UK and Europe's largest pallet network, with more depots and larger volumes than any other freight forwarder – it handles more than 45,000 pallets every day, which equates to one pallet every two seconds!

Being part of the Palletways network allows us at Darcica to offer cost-effective and environmentally efficient freight transportation solutions. Our customers have access to the latest track and trace technology, which offers complete transparency into their palletised goods’ journey.

How is being part of a pallet network better for the environment?

Warwick Trimble, Network Director for Palletways UK, offers his view on the environmental benefits.

“A cleaner, greener operating model - The need for hauliers to demonstrate a commitment to tackle climate change is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Pallet networks use a regional hub model to cut down on trunk distances and fuel use. By joining a pallet network, hauliers can reduce their carbon emissions. Hauliers may also believe the logistics challenges of local authority policies, like Clean Air Zones, are better met collectively”

Here at Darcica, we take our green credentials very seriously. Our new 3.5tonne electric curtain sider, specially designed for pallet deliveries, will arrive soon. Offering Oxfordshire customers zero-emission pallet deliveries and collections – watch this space!

We also like to reuse any unwanted pallets – check out our DIY shelving unit for our awards, and the workbench we use when picking and packing all our customers Ecommerce fulfilment orders!

Please contact us to learn more about our pallet deliveries or other services.

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