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5 Advantages of Pallet Delivery for businesses

Do you need to get your palletised goods to their destination safely, securely, and on time?

Our Pallet Delivery Services provide choice and flexibility, whether you need premium time-critical or cost-effective economy services, you can choose the solution that meets your needs. Darcica will ensure your goods arrive safely and on time.

Pallet collection and delivery

The five advantages of our pallet collection and delivery services for your business include:

  1. Being part of one of the leading pallet delivery networks in the UK (Palletways) allows us to offer cost-effective, efficient, and more sustainable pallet deliveries and freight transportation solutions.

  2. We offer premium next-day delivery and economy (48 hour) deliveries. You can select any delivery day up to 7 days from initial booking to suit the needs of your customer.

  3. Using cutting-edge technology, provided by the Palletways Portal, ensures complete peace of mind and confidence every step of your pallet delivery journey. Live tracking and full visibility of where your pallet is in the network at all times, from collection to timely delivery.

  4. We’ll keep your customer up to date with their delivery. A booking call the day before and text updates on the day of delivery advising when the pallet is out for delivery and an expected time of arrival.

  5. Our in-house customer service team will follow up on any consignment queries meaning you don’t have to, putting time back into your day.

As well as providing the most efficient service when it comes to your pallet collections and deliveries, Darcica are committed to providing sustainable solutions. We have invested in decarbonising our fleet with the use electric forklifts trucks and the first fully electric 3.5T pallet delivery vehicle so that where possible, we can collect and deliver pallets in Oxfordshire, emissions-free.

Darcica Logistics truck

Darcica owner, Anthony Tattersall comments: “The logistics transportation industry has one of the biggest impacts on the environment, and we want to lead the way in reducing its carbon output.”

Our pallet wrap services are more sustainable too. Darcica recently received funding from the OxLEP Business Investment Fund to reduce the amount of plastic used on its pallet deliveries. Through the grant we changed to a clear, eco-friendly shrink wrap which is applied using a powered pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine. It reduces product damage and wastage, stretching the plastic up to four times more and is fully recyclable. It also helps make the goods more stable when being transported and delivered.

See more information about our pallet delivery and collection service.

If you’re looking for pallet collection and pallet delivery services in Oxfordshire please contact us or get a quote.

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