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Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Pallet Delivery & Collection

We can offer next day, timed or economy pallet deliveries for any palletised goods from the Oxfordshire area to anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Whether you send 1 pallet a month or 100 pallets a day, our secure pallet storage, dedicated team and efficient pallet delivery services are here to help.

How we deliver pallets across the UK and beyond

Chosen for their effective stock holding and strength, pallets can be used to store and deliver just about any product.

There are several pallet delivery networks in the UK, where central teams and professional hauliers work together to collect goods from point a and deliver them to point b. Palletways UK is our chosen pallet delivery network, and offers our clients the strength of over 25 years’ experience alongside the latest innovations and technology for tracking and tracing pallet deliveries.

Delivery Van in Warehouse

Pallet Storage

Forklift Truck in Warehouse

Pallet Deliveries

How does Darcica deliver pallets from a to b?

When a pallet delivery request comes to us it usually involves collecting from our local Oxfordshire customers. We collect and deliver pallets to the Palletways Hub in Birmingham where they’ll be distributed across the UK. Whilst there, we’ll collect other pallets waiting to be distributed back in Oxfordshire.

We can deliver just about any product on a pallet, from paint to compost and coffee!

Benefits of our pallet delivery service.

  • Premium next day delivery

  • Economy (48 hour) deliveries. Select any delivery day up to 7 days from initial booking to suit the needs of your customer

  • FREE text updates for your customer on the day of delivery advising when the pallet is out for delivery and an ETA, updating your customer so you don’t have to

  • Full visibility of where your pallet is in the network at all times with live time pallet movements

  • 6 pallet sizes to maximise your space and minimise your spend

  • A heat map of where we have delivered your pallets to over time allowing you to focus your marketing where you feel it is most beneficial.

  • Our in house customer service team who will follow up on any consignment queries meaning you wont have to, putting time back in to your day.

Wholesale Market Aisle

How do Palletways UK and Darcica work together?

Based in Oxfordshire we are one of the newest members of Palletways, the UK and Europe's largest pallet delivery network, with more depots and larger volumes than any other freight forwarder – it handles more than 45,000 pallets every day, which equates to one pallet every two seconds!

Being part of the Palletways network allows us to offer cost-effective and environmentally efficient pallet deliveries and freight transportation solutions. Our customers have access to the latest track and trace technology, which offers complete transparency into their palletised goods’ journey.

Palletways Logo

“Pallet networks use a regional hub model to cut down on trunk distances and fuel use. By joining a pallet network, hauliers can reduce their carbon emissions.”

Warwick Trimble, Network Director for Palletways UK

Pallet Storage and Fulfilment Solutions

As well as pallet deliveries, we also store palletised goods on a permanent or short-term basis at our warehouse facilities in Bicester, Oxfordshire. We offer next day, economy and same day pallet deliveries to most of the UK. Our service options for pallet storage include:

  • Secure storage facility

  • Standard racked spaces or internal and external bulk storage available

  • Any sized goods of any weight

  • Inventory control

  • Flexible weekly pricing

  • Dedicated warehouse administration and account management


Contact us for more information about pallet deliveries, fulfilment or storage.

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