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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of parcel and pallet delivery services. Our team are here to provide you with exceptional services from same-day deliveries to worldwide freight. We offer: Same day courier Next day delivery Overnight parcel & pallet delivery Worldwide air freight European road freight UK pallet delivery Award-winning Darcica logistics prides itself on offering cost-effective, sustainable solutions for your business including plastic-free fulfilment and electric deliveries. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, tackling climate change and supporting local communities. When you work with us your business and others will benefit.
  • Do I need an account with you?
    Not only do we offer accounts for sole traders and limited companies, but we also provide a walk-in service for the general public.
  • How do I get a quote?
    You can fill out an online form here , contact us at or call 01869 322 999
  • How do I track my delivery?
    We offer tracking on all of our deliveries. We think it’s a very important tool for both senders and recipients. You can track your delivery with your tracking number.
  • What is the largest package/parcel that you can deliver?
    We can deliver any item of any size and weight.
  • What courier vehicles do you use?
    We have a fleet of Electric Maxus vans and curtain sider lorries ranging from 3.5tonne up to 44tonne
  • How do you offer sustainable delivery services?
    Here at Darcica we're committed to reducing our impact on the environment. From route optimisation to using electric vans for same day courier, and plastic-free fulfilment services, we strive for a greener future.
  • What area does your courier service cover?
    We can deliver to anywhere in the UK or worldwide.
  • How much does it cost to outsource eCommerce fulfilment?
    Outsourcing eCommerce fulfilment for scale up clients is a LOT more cost effective that having your own warehouse, pickers, packers, warehouse management system, operations managers, customer service agents and more. Instead, you simply pay per m2 for storage and a price per pick and pack, and a fee for the delivery. This can start from £2-3 a shipment. The factors that impact this are: type of goods, destination, delivery times, carrier selections. It's best to get a bespoke quotation based on your goods, your business aims and your customers - and we will help you match your expectations with the right carriers or couriers.
  • How do I choose the right eCommerce fulfilment partner?
    When it come to eCommerce Fulfilment, there are lots of different solutions for lots of quite different end users, and you must decide what is most important. Are you planning on being the next ASOS? If so, you need one of the big central UK (United Kingdom) warehouses. If you are an SME, then something more local and accessible may be for you. Do you care who you are working with? Is it a functional relationship or are you trying to build a rapport with a trusted partner to build your business? Do you care about the environment, recyclable packaging, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)? Then they will have to share your values too. There is a world of difference between big scale fulfilment houses and a more personalised, localised solution. Decide what values and attributes are important to you and choose.
  • How does eCommerce fulfilment work?
    eCommerce fulfilment is easy if you know how. Firstly, systems integrate with your marketplaces or websites as your goods are taken into the warehouse (which includes setting your delivery options). Then goods are put into stock, and inventory synchronised (so you get live 'in stock' across channels) and you are good to go. Your orders automatically come in from your systems to the warehouse and you should have 100% transparency of goods - 'in stock', 'due to be picked' and 'packed', 'fulfilled orders', 'despatches', and 'your shipment's out for delivery'. And then you can see what has been delivered, and in the case of an issue, what has not.
  • What marketplaces or sites can I sell my goods on, that link to your system for eCommerce Fulfilment?
    Through our network partner, Diamond Logistics, we are able to fully integrate with eBay, Amazon, Magneto, Shopify, WooCommerce, Linnworks plus 40+ more with bespoke integrations too. This means the order drops straight into our system, Despatchlab, and this monitors the whole order journey from pick to delivery, always giving you 100% transparency in your eCommerce fulfilment journey. You can see what is picked, what is going out that day, what has been delivered. And, when a delivery goes awry, you can see what has been done to remedy it. It is EXTREMELY easy to use, it gives you a real time operational overview and provides you with reports that can tell you how to improve business growth.
  • Why would I choose Darcica Logistics to do my eCommerce fulfilment?
    You would choose someone like Darcica for your eCommerce fulfilment if a personal relationship was important, that you really wanted a named person at the end of the phone that you could trust and rely on to support. People who support your values and deliver in a way that fits with your brand. You would also want a company for your eCommerce fulfilment sufficiently big enough to have all the resources you need - carriers, systems, infrastructure - but who can walk in your shoes. And someone who can be reliable and will be around to support your business in years to come.
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