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How delivering beer drives down carbon emissions

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Who’d have thought delivering beer reduces carbon emissions? Our same day customer Chadlington Brewery is doing just that, in the first month alone they’ve saved nearly half a tonne of CO2 through electric deliveries. Over the next year that’s equivalent to driving nearly 19,000 miles in a diesel car!

Known as The Oxford Beer, Chadlington Brewery is passionate about the art of brewing beer that doesn’t impact on the environment. They work hard to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. The hot water in their brewery is provided by renewable heat sources and spent grains are used as animal feed on farms in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties.

This is just one of the reasons they chose us to carry out their dedicated collections and deliveries, a shared vision of a sustainable future – from production to end destination.

Every week, Darcica provide Chadlington Brewery with dedicated same day deliveries via electric vans.

We travel over 200 miles, delivering the sought-after beer to several local pubs, restaurants, hotels and football clubs across Oxfordshire.

Chadlington Brewery is the official beer of

With alcohol sales set to rise over the next few months ahead of Christmas (and with parties back in full swing post-covid) it’s important that alcohol fulfilment and deliveries are fast, efficient, and eco-friendly. At Darcica we can deliver goods (including parcels and pallets) of any size, to any location. We’ll track and manage all your courier requirements, express parcels and shipments on one simple platform.

Our same day and next day courier services provide dedicated deliveries via a fleet of electric vehicles across Oxfordshire and nationwide. Along with monthly CO2 saving reports, to show the positive impact your business is having on the environment.

Why use a Same Day Courier?

Same day courier is effectively chauffer driving your consignment from Point A to Point B. Other benefits include:

  • It’s fast and direct: your product goes straight from collection to delivery, with no extra stops

  • You get an allocated local driver specific to your delivery

  • It’s safe, reliable and secure—ideal for sensitive, fragile and high value deliveries

  • It ensures goods are delivered from A to B in a dedicated vehicle in the quickest way possible.

  • It’s flexible: you can choose from small vans, large vans, trucks and even full trailers to match the size of your consignment

  • It’s international: we deliver to destinations in the UK, Europe and beyond by land and air

  • It’s trustworthy: you’ll get instant proof of delivery, by email, SMS or a phone call

  • It’s secure: every consignment is protected by £40k Goods in Transit insurance

Contact us for more information about same day deliveries, alcohol fulfilment or storage.

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