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Decarbonising same day deliveries

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Our same day deliveries are secure and reliable, allowing flexible, ad hoc deliveries you can track to ensure your items arrive safely. But not only that – they’re emission free!

Our electric vans have already travelled around 12,000 miles, that’s a massive CO2 saving of almost 5,000kg. We’ve transported same day deliveries from Oxford to London and as far as Liverpool.

Whilst electric vehicles are sometimes questioned for their range, our MAXUS eDELIVER 9's have a 180-mile range, up to 219 miles with the right driver training and we’ve certainly achieved that; not just delivering within cities but travelling the Oxfordshire countryside in between commutes!

Why should businesses begin to decarbonise their fleets?

The transport industry is a high impact sector, one of the biggest emitters and we all know that removing carbon emissions is key to fighting climate change. As well as the most important environmental and health benefits, electric vehicles have a number of commercial benefits:

  • Less moving parts and less downtime means they’re easier to maintain and have lower running cost.

  • Despite rising electricity costs, energy is still cheaper than dirty diesel (which is a finite resource, unlike energy where security and stability will improve as renewables increase).

  • They’re easier to drive. Our drivers love the comfort, the display screen and even the electric foot step!

How does the same day electric courier service work?

Booking a same day delivery is easy! Whilst advance notice is great, the same day delivery service can be ad hoc and even booked on the same day delivery is needed. Find out more about our same day delivery service here.

Why use a Same Day Courier?

  • It’s fast and direct: your product goes straight from collection to delivery

  • You’ll get an allocated local driver, specific to your delivery

  • It’s safe, reliable, and secure—ideal for fragile and high value deliveries

  • It ensures goods are delivered from A to B in a dedicated vehicle, the quickest way possible.

  • It’s flexible: you can choose from small vans, large vans, trucks and even full trailers to match the size of your consignment

  • It’s trustworthy: you’ll get instant proof of delivery, by email, SMS or a phone call

  • It’s secure: every consignment is protected by £40k Goods in Transit insurance

Who uses your same day delivery service?

From manufacturers to marketing companies, laboratories to breweries and distilleries. Our same day courier service is often used for urgent goods, precious parcels or bulky items. Also if you’ve got a full van load, same day deliveries are a good alternative to overnight courier and often more cost effective.

Our local finishing specialists, aask who design, manufacture and supply high-quality, sustainable finishing solutions (for both interiors and exteriors) and often need products delivering to sites asap and that’s where we come in! Our Darcica drivers ensure that their bespoke metal works are carefully wrapped onto pallets and delivered to their end destinations on time.

For more information or to book a same day delivery you can either call our Bicester office 01869 322 999, email or contact us

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