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5 ways your business can reduce waste

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Following the fifteenth annual Zero Waste Week it’s important we continue any positive actions and carry these forward – even small changes can make a big difference!

As a transport and logistics business, we appreciate we’re in a high-impact industry but we’re doing whatever we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

From plastic-free fulfilment, re-using packaging and encouraging our fulfilment partners to be more sustainable.

Here at Darcica, we look at all of our practices. From route optimisation for our same day and next day work, electric parcel and pallet deliveries and encouraging staff to think about their day to day waste; every little helps. And there's often a cost saving too!

We’ve put together some of our top tips for reducing waste across all areas of your business;

1) Do an internal waste audit. Supply clear bags for waste for week to see what staff are throwing away – but no blaming and shaming!

Once completed, the waste audit will help you identify if you can;

  • Swap products from a disposable option to a reusable one e.g. paper towels could be swapped for cloths/towels.

  • Pick an item where you could purchase a recycled option instead. We use recycled content items such as Flexi-Hex and Pallite for our Ecommerce fulfilment which can also be easily recycled at the end of life to ensure we help close the loop.

  • Purchase items in bulk to reduce packaging.

  • Look for refill opportunities for products like ink cartridges.

  • Find concentrated products for cleaning supplies, these are often more cost effective and will last longer.

  • Provide re-usable cups and glasses for staff rather than disposable ones.

2) Ask suppliers to take back packaging for re-use or make use of it yourselves. One of our fulfilment partners The Tackle Tavern re-use their packaging for products that we deliver through our fulfilment centre. They even take it one step further and upgrade used tackle to sell back as pre-loved items. Giving products a second lease of life not only reduces the amount of waste and extends the life of items, it also reduces reliance on finite resources by avoiding making new products.

3) Declutter an area of your premises or offices and donate items to your local scrap store or furniture reuse project. Set up a collection point for unwanted clothing, toiletries and bedding for a local homeless shelter. You could even hold a Swap Event.

Encourage staff to bring in things they no longer use or need (you can decide on a theme such as books, clothes, tools or children’s toys). Staff can take something away in exchange for something they donate. There’s a real feel-good factor; retail therapy without spending a penny! Any unwanted items can be taken to a charity shop at the end of the week.

4) Set up Terracycle bins for ‘non-recyclable’ products. From beverage cartons to biros they offer office separation boxes and recycling solutions to help your premises go waste free. If there’s other businesses near you let them know about them, it’s a good way of networking but also helping the environment!

5) Communication is key. Engage with staff; involve them in any waste reduction initiatives and make it fun! Keep it on the agenda for team meetings to share ideas, and assign tasks to certain staff. Report back on progress to keep everyone involved.

To find out more about our sustainable delivery and fulfilment solutions please contact us.

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