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Careers in Logistics
Darcica electric van

Our people are your people

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Are you looking for a rewarding job and to be part of dynamic team?


At Darcica Logistics we are always on the look out for top drivers to join our team, whatever your background or experience, we’ll provide you with the tools to meet your full potential.

Next Day Delivery Oxfordshire

Joining us is easy, just email us at

With bases in Swindon and Bicester all you need to apply is a driving license. We’ll provide you with (all at no cost to you):

Full training

A van and fuel



Most importantly we provide you with the support you need to succeed as a driver with Darcica Logistics.


We believe that developing people to the best they can be is important to sustaining our company’s longevity. Our trainee driver programme involves moving our drivers forward and developing them into employed HGV drivers.

All we ask is that you fit in with our core company values:

Customer Care – As a business it is vital for all of us to look after our customers, both at customer site or whilst out delivering to their customers.

Passionate – Darcica Logistics is more than just a business, it’s a family and we want everyone to work hard together to drive the business forward to succeed.

Honest – Honesty is key in parcel deliveries. It is also vital that we are honest with each other, achieving that will build a foundation of trust amongst us.

Responsible – We are all responsible for the business and how it’s represented. Being professional in both how we look and  act  plays a big  part in our performance.

The environment – Protecting the planet and reducing our impact is so important. At Darcica Logistics it’s our goal to have a sustainable fleet of electric vehicles that are driven with care. We also regularly review our working practices to ensure we are environmentally efficient in all aspects of our work.

If you have an enquiry then send it through to us at or send your CV straight to us on the same email.

Don’t forget to leave a contact name and number for us to get back to you on.

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