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Delivering Sustainability: Darcica Logistics and Osmo UK's Partnership

Updated: Mar 15

Since 1878, Osmo Holz und Color has been a force in the wood and building materials industry, originating from Neheim, Germany. With over 140 years of experience in timber, Osmo has evolved into one of the leading producers of interior and exterior wood finishes worldwide. Renowned for their commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability, Osmo's products are highly sought after by contractors, homeowners, and major paint distributors across the globe.

Based in Aylesbury, Osmo UK is the regional hub supplying to numerous outlets and major paint distributors like Brewers, Howdens, and Wickes. Central to Osmo's ethos is its dedication to sustainability, evidenced by its sourcing of environmentally friendly ingredients and its ongoing efforts to minimise its environmental footprint.

Driven by this commitment to sustainability, Osmo sought a logistics partner that shared its values. Enter Darcica Logistics, a locally based company that has earned accolades for its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Passing the Mission Zero audit with flying colours, Darcica is synonymous with sustainable logistics practices, aligning closely with Osmo's values.

Darcica Logistics doesn't just deliver pallets; it delivers on sustainability. From optimising transportation and nationwide deliveries to reducing emissions and waste, Darcica exemplifies sustainable logistics at every turn. This commitment to sustainability resonated deeply with Osmo, leading to the forging of a partnership aimed at not just delivering products but also delivering on shared values.

The partnership between Osmo UK and Darcica Logistics is more than just a logistical arrangement; it's a testament to the power of collaboration in pursuit of sustainability. Through a meticulous trial period, Darcica proved its ability to efficiently handle Osmo's nationwide deliveries. Today, Osmo relies on Darcica Logistics to manage daily collections from its Aylesbury site and handle dispatches from Darcica's depot in Bicester.

Anthony Tattersall, Director at Darcica Logistics, expressed his delight at partnering with Osmo UK:

“We’re delighted to be working with Osmo UK as we share similar values. Palletways UK’ easy to use portal has quality data which is helping Osmo increase sales. It displays areas where their pallets are distributed and areas where they don’t which enables them to better target sales into these new areas.”

For Osmo, the benefits of partnering with Darcica extend beyond efficient logistics. The integration with Palletways UK's portal provides invaluable insights, enabling Osmo to enhance sales strategies and target new markets effectively.

Anthony Mason, Operations Manager at Osmo UK, echoed Tattersall's sentiments:

“We chose Darcica because we wanted confidence that our products and needs were going to be looked after and delivered efficiently. Like us, Darcica is a local business who’s leading the way in its sector. They’re flexible and efficient and offer additional support and expertise as a member of the Palletways UK network. For example, the intelligence offered by its portal, like the heat map of deliveries, is outstanding and has elevated our business. The portal’s tracking element along with delivery time visibility is important, as many customers have specific delivery time windows. The transparency of the system is invaluable so we can see where our products are going and when they’ll be delivered.”

As both companies continue to innovate and collaborate, they set a compelling example for the industry, demonstrating that sustainable logistics isn't just a buzzword but a cornerstone of responsible business practices.

As the world embraces the imperative of sustainable business practices, partnerships like this serve as beacons of inspiration, guiding the way towards a more sustainable future.

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